Uncle Red

A traditional Flanders Style Red Ale brewed with Vienna and Munich Malts, 3 varieties of crystal malt and fermented with a Belgian La Chouffe yeast. After fermentation, it's transferred to a used Burgundy wine barrel, dosed with our house mixed culture of Lacto, Brett & Pedio, and aged for over a year while the microbes consume many of the remaining unfermentable sugars.

We then employ the "Solera" method of blending beers, by continuing to brew multiple batches at 6 month increments and moving them into more red wine barrels. This allows us to have multiple batches of the same beer at various stages of aging on the house culture, each with it's own unique character. From there, we taste all of the barrels and blend the various ages of beer together to pull favorable attributes from each barrel and combine them to our desired flavor profile.

This is our first blended release of Uncle Red is a blend of a 1 year old, a 6 month old and a fresh new batch of Flanders Red Ale. Future releases of this beer will each have their own unique character, based on the choices of barrels  and volumes of each being blended.

Please enjoy this one of a kind, barrel aged red ale. This blend incorporates a light bodied amber ale with flavors of light caramel and toast, with a subtle tartness from the lacto and pedio. Subtle flavors of fresh strawberry combine with the unique "funk", derived from the aging on Brettanomyces yeast, to create a deeply complex beer that will continue to develop over time.

- 6.3% ABV, 8 IBU

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